NMR spectroscopy is a vital characterization technique in chemical synthesis in many fields (e.g., agrochemcials, pharmaceuticals, biotech, flavour and fragrance, materials, fine chemicals, etc.). 

For start-up, small and medium sized chemical companies a high-field NMR spectrometer is often not economically feasible, but outsourcing limits the rate of decision-making time, and reduces the number of NMR spectra that are acquired such that they may not be used in reaction monitoring and optimization, purification and/or analysis.

Outsourcing costs depend on:

  • Availability of resources with local universities typically representing the most affordable option and service providers being the most expensive. 

  • Cost and time to transfer samples

  • Priority status

  • Data transfer and integrity can be in question

For more information about incorporating benchtop NMR into your daily workflow, please inquire for free sample submission, optional automation, building a database and other tools.

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