WCUCC 2017

We're pleased to join the Western Canadian Undergraduate Chemistry Conference at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB, May 3-6th.

Labvolution/Biotechnica 2017

Please visit us in Hannover, Germany May 16-18th, to discuss the latest in flow chemistry, benchtop for process and the use of benchtop NMR in your research project!


ProcessNet 2017

Join us in Würzburg May 22-24 to discuss the latest developments in building a robust online benchtop NMR monitoring device. 

100th CSC 2017 and 44th C3

Please to join the Centennial CSC in Toronto this year May 28-June 1st! We are sponsoring a Materials Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry: Main Group Transformations and Catalysis symposia and will be exhibiting at booth #414.  Stop by and talk about reaction pre-screening your samples, reaction monitoring, in glovebox data acquisition and multi-nuclear NMR!

Additionally we will be discussing the development of undergraduate organic, inorganic, biochemistry, physical and analytical chemistry with NMR Spectroscopy at the 44th College Chemistry Canada Conference May 26-28th at the University of Toronto!





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