ProcessNet 2017

Join us in Würzburg May 22-24 to discuss the latest developments in building a robust online benchtop NMR monitoring device. 

100th CSC 2017 and 44th C3

Please to join the Centennial CSC in Toronto this year May 28-June 1st! We are sponsoring a Materials Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry: Main Group Transformations and Catalysis symposia and will be exhibiting at booth #414.  Stop by and talk about reaction pre-screening your samples, reaction monitoring, in glovebox data acquisition and multi-nuclear NMR!

Additionally we will be discussing the development of undergraduate organic, inorganic, biochemistry, physical and analytical chemistry with NMR Spectroscopy at the 44th College Chemistry Canada Conference May 26-28th at the University of Toronto!

Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM 2017)

Excited to join the Mid Atlantic Local Sectors in the Sweetest Place on Earth: Hershey, PA June 4-6th! Stop by and talk about the latest in Benchtop NMR and incorporating this into your organic, inorganic, physical, biochemistry, analytical or pharmacy program!

48th Central Regional Meeing (CERM 2017)

June 6-9th we'll be talking benchtop NMR with the central local sectors in Deerborn, MI!  Stop by and learn about the latest!

Finnish NMR Symposium 2017

We're pleased to join the Finnish NMR community for the second time to show the latest developments in benchtop NMR.  Learn about experiments, nuclei, performance metrics and developments in online NMR process analytical technologies!





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