Korea/Yonsei University

This week we visited our Korean distributor (Young-In Instrument Co) to help support their first installation.  The instrument went to Yonsei University where they have plans to incorporate the instrument into their undergraduate curriculum for routine analysis (for ideas of how to do that click here).

As this was my first trip to Korea I thought I would share with you the things I learned that you may or may not know about Korea.

1) Kimchi soup is to die for.  People that say that Korean’s have the best food have a pretty strong case.

2) Seoul is gigantic….particularly compared to Calgary.  Our hosts too us to Mount Namsam to see the view of Seoul.  Everywhere you look are high rises and settlements.  It’s insane.

3) You can buy everything (and anything) you never knew you always wanted at Namdaemun market.  Incidentally I also learned my first, and only, three Korean characters here.  (Namdaemun means South (남) big (대) gate (문) market).

4) Their first year organic synthesis curriculum also includes the synthesis of aspirin – and they used to characterize their product exclusively by melting point….but not anymore!