4 Signs You Need An NMR Spectrometer In Your Classroom

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In the classroom, it isn't enough for students to learn by reading about experiments and the chemicals they're studying. Students need hands-on learning so they can physically learn how to conduct their research.

One of the most useful analytical methods in modern chemistry together is nuclear magnetic resonance, or NMR. Here are four signs it may be time to get an NMR spectrometer in your own chemistry classroom.

  1. You teach in a graduate classroom. NMR spectrometers can be great for undergraduate students to learn from. But it's graduate students that will really benefit from using an NMR spectrometer before they go out into the professional field.

  2. You're looking for more hands-on experiment opportunities. Hands-on experiments are great because it gives students the chance to learn from experience rather than from the experience of someone else. NMR spectrometers give you the chance to let your students conduct many different experiments they can learn from.

  3. You don't have a lot of samples for experiments. When it comes to laboratory pricing and cost, you may not be able to afford to get a lot of samples for your students. However, when you use NMR spectroscopy, your students can view these samples repeatedly without damaging them. This is not only good for your department's budget but it also enables your students to get the details they need when studying their samples in their experiments.

  4. Your students aren't getting enough information from samples. Speaking of how NMR spectrometers allow your students to review samples over and over without harming them, NMR also lets your students get more information from the samples for this reason. NMR spectrometers give them a greater learning ability than other types of technology in the classroom.

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There are many NMR spectrometer applications your students can take advantage of when you install a portable NMR spectrometer in your chemistry classroom.

For instance, hydrogen nuclei are the number one most studied nuclei and, with an upfield downfield NMR spectrometer in the classroom, your students can study nuclei like these again and again.

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