5 Signs You Need An NMR Spectrometer In Your Classroom


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is one of the top analytical methods used in modern chemistry. But despite NMR spectroscopy's usefulness, it isn't always used in the graduate classroom where chemistry students can take advantage of the different NMR applications.

Here are a few signs it may be time to get a benchtop NMR spectrometer for your own classroom or lab.

  1. Your standard microscopes just aren't cutting it. Students can learn a lot from using a microscope and studying chemical reactions. However, standard microscopes and other chemistry equipment can sometimes be limiting. A benchtop NMR could give your students the advanced experience they need to learn how to study elements.

  2. Your students learn best through repetition. Something that an NMR spectrometer can do that other chemistry equipment can't is that it allows users to study a sample again and again without harming the sample. This works great for students who learn best by repetition and by experience. If your students aren't getting enough information from their samples using standard equipment, you may want to consider a benchtop NMR.

  3. You keep running out of samples. One of the problems with standard chemistry equipment is that oftentimes you can only view a given sample once before it's become damaged by the equipment. That isn't the case with NMR, which allows users to view the sample repeatedly.

  4. Your classroom is due for an upgrade. If your classroom is getting an upgrade including new lab equipment and tools, it may be worth investing in an NMR spectrometer. Not only will this new piece of equipment make a great investment in terms of both your students' education and your lab but it also adds some additional professionalism to your classroom that says 'we mean business here.'

  5. You're going to start diving into NMR applications. It's true that your students need to understand the physical principles on which the methods of NMR are based before they can start using NMR as an analytical tool. But once your students understand the principles and they're ready to dive into NMR applications, you'll want to have an NMR spectrometer in your lab.

Looking for a tabletop NMR spectrometer for your classroom?

Hydrogen nuclei are the number one most studied nuclei in chemistry. With a benchtop NMR spectrometer, your students can study the same sample of hydrogen nuclei without damaging it.

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