Efficiency At Its Finest: 4 Benefits Of Having An NMR Spectrometer

nmr applications

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) has become one of the most commonly used analytical methods in modern chemistry. NMR spectroscopy is quantitative and doesn't need a lot of steps to prepare a sample.

What's more, not only is NMR incredibly useful, but the technology used to develop NMR also continues to improve. If your own lab doesn't yet have an NMR benchtop spectrometer, here are a few benefits NMR applications can provide.

  1. NMR is non-destructive. When you use an NMR spectrometer in the lab, you don't have to worry about your sample suffering any damage. What this means is that you can re-use your sample again for other tests and other experiments. You can also rerun your sample on your NMR spectrometer again without any problems.

  2. You can observe many things with an NMR spectrometer. A chemist's work is used in many different industries, including drug discovery in the medical industry. This makes the NMR spectrometer's ability to observe many different structures at various sizes incredibly advantageous. With an NMR spectrometer, you can observe many dynamics and structures, whether you're working with small or large molecules.

  3. You can observe different phases. Not only can you observe many different structures with non-destructive NMR, but you can also observe different phases. Compared to other instruments that are limited to only solid phases or liquid phases, an NMR spectrometer gives you the ability to observe both solids and liquids. This is beneficial because you're able to determine many different properties of different molecules.

  4. You can observe in-cell processes in real time. Another benefit of your NMR spectrometer being non-destructive is that you can observe in-cell processes in real time. That means you're able to observe a cell function at the molecular level. And, because it's non-destructive, you can watch the cell function repeatedly to gain as much insight as possible.

Chemists play an important role in drug discovery, which is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are many NMR applications your lab can take advantage of to improve productivity and efficiency. To learn more about NMR applications, how your lab can benefit from a benchtop NMR spectrometer, or where you can buy a desktop NMR for sale, contact Nanalysis today.