Does Your Laboratory Space Need A Serious Upgrade?

benchtop spectrometer.jpg

Laboratory space may have been left behind in terms of changes to the modern workplace. Compared to other industries, research labs are in greater need of an upgrade especially in terms of technology and flexibility.

If you’ve had the chance to take a critical look around your own laboratory space and felt like something is missing, odds are you’re right. Here are a few things you didn’t know you needed in your laboratory space to make your job that much easier (and more functional).


Better Lighting

Good lighting is important in every workplace, but especially in the laboratory. This is the area where you’re doing experiments, analyzing data, and comparing research. If there’s one thing you don’t want to do in this environment it’s strain your eyes.

That said, if you haven’t replaced the lighting in your laboratory for some time it may be time to do it. Upgrade to LED light fixtures and make sure good lighting is available throughout the entire lab and not in only one space.


The Latest (And Greatest) Technology

The first commercial spectrometers were created in the 1950s. If your lab’s benchtop spectrometer looks and functions like it’s been there longer than you have, it may be time to replace it with a new one.

The drug discovery industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It’s only fair that you should be using the latest and greatest technology available to you to get your job done well.

What’s more, updated technology is considered an essential part of the modern workplace no matter where you work. Today’s employees are more likely to leave their jobs if the technology at their workplace is too slow or outdated to let them do their jobs and be productive. So upgrade your tech and look for a new benchtop NMR for sale.


A More Open Work Environment

A laboratory space may be a laboratory, but it’s still a work environment. And many of today’s work environments are spreading their wings and making themselves more open-concept. This helps to promote socialization and collaboration between employees.

You deserve a chem lab that reflects that with the latest technology like benchtop spectrometers for NMR applications to boost your productivity. To learn more about low field NMR benchtop spectrometers or portable NMR spectrometers, contact Nanalysis today.