What Are The Advantages Of Using NMR And Who Benefits?

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Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a really handy analytical tool that's capable of providing chemists with a lot of information. Unlike other analytical tools, NMR spectrometers are capable of analyzing the identity, structure, concentration, and behavior of molecules without destroying the samples.

It isn't only chemists that use NMR, either. Many industries use NMR to study molecular interactions and monitor molecular compositions. But what are the other strengths of NMR that many different industries can take advantage of?


What are the strengths of NMR?

Advances in software and technology have made NMR compact enough to use in different labs for various applications across the United States. NMR spectrometers can be used as either large, high-field magnetic spectrometers or the more compact benchtop NMR spectrometers.

In both cases, NMR offers many advantages including the following analytical capabilities:


  • NMR lets the user view molecular dynamics in a liquid or solid state while leaving the samples intact for future observation and testing.

  • Users of NMR spectrometers don't need to go through major preparation processes before viewing their samples.

  • NMR allows users to obtain rich structural information from the vibrations of the molecules in their natural environment while they're still intact.

  • NMR spectrometers simplify and speed up the data acquisition and analysis process.

  • Users can use the established libraries of NMR spectrometers to identify molecules.

  • Users don't need to manipulate samples that may they would otherwise be unable to study with other approaches.

  • Users are better able to identify and quantify molecules.


These strengths are advantageous to chemists and those in the field of drug discovery. But they also come in handy in the fields of biomedicine, proteomics, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical development, nutraceuticals, and food quality and safety.

NMR spectrometers fulfill the essential research and clinical needs of various companies and non-profits to develop new technologies, medicines, and products. For instance, NMR spectrometers help those working in nutraceuticals identify and achieve the high standards of dietary supplements.


Where can I find a low field NMR for sale?

It's no secret NMR is extremely useful. In fact, NMR is one of the top analytical methods in modern chemistry.

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