Customer Testimonial Videos


Customer Testimonial: University of Florida (Teaching)

Dr. Tammy Davidson discusses how University of Florida has incorporated the NMReady benchtop NMR spectrometer into their sophomore organic chemistry program, giving ~2000 students per year hands on access to NMR Spectroscopy.

Customer Testimonial: SpiroChem (Pharmaceuticals)

Testimonial from Dr. Thomas Fessard, CEO of Spirochem regarding his company's use of NMReady benchtop 60 MHz NMR spectrometer in streamlining their design, synthesis and production of novel building blocks for drug discovery.

Customer Testimonial: Boston College (Academic Teaching)

Testimonials from students and staff at Boston College regarding NMReady, a compact, benchtop 60 MHz NMR spectrometer

Instructional Videos

How to Use the NMReady-60e

Live demonstration on the ease of use and performance of the NMReady 60e benchtop NMR spectrometer

Demonstration of NMReady-flow cell installation & Use

Watch the easy 10 step installation of the flow kit into the NMReady 60e