October 25, 2012 Calgary, Alberta CANADA and Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN

Nanalysis Corporation and MestreLab Research SL are pleased to announce they have entered into a collaborative marketing arrangement that will see Nanalysis include Mestrelab software with their product, the NMReady. Under the terms of the arrangement Nanalysis will bundle the Mestrelab product Mnova NMR with each sale of an NMReady compact NMR spectrometer.
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March 5, 2014 at Pittcon 2014 in Chicago

Norell Inc., the world’s top manufacturer of precision NMR tubes, and Nanalysis Corp., the world’s leader in true bench-top NMR spectrometers, have announced a strategic partnership. This partnership supports Nanalysis’ mission to make NMR accessible directly to end-users on the bench and in the field. Serving millions of customers worldwide, Norell makes precision and high throughput NMR tubes and accessories targeted to the specific needs of end-users.

“We have served the NMR community with constant innovation and a commitment to excellence since 1967” said Greg Norell, CEO, Norell Inc. “I believe that it is time to make NMR spectroscopy more accessible. To do this, we’ve created a simple way for educators in the United States to acquire NMR spectrometers and accessories. We are very excited to be a distributor of Nanalysis’ NMReady in the USA.”

Nanalysis and Norell are working together to incorporate NMR into more academic institutions and industrial labs. The goal is for NMR to no longer be a tightly controlled resource available to small groups of end-users. Undergraduate students will now get the chance to gain NMR knowledge with hands-on learning using standard tubes and instrumentation. This topic will be further discussed at ACS in the Division of Chemical Education, March 16, 2014 by Dr. Susanne Riegel from Nanalysis.

“We already ship Norell NMR tubes with every one of our spectrometers, and are excited to formalize this relationship as it builds on our mission to increase accessibility of NMR, and because of Norell’s long standing success in the NMR industry” said Sean Krakiwsky, CEO of Nanalysis Corp. “Norell’s quality products and deep relationships combined with Nanalysis’ world-class engineering and innovation make for a formidable team in the nascent bench-top NMR market. Over the next decade, NMR spectrometers will proliferate on the lab bench, in chemical production, and in the field in much the same way that other instruments such as infrared spectrometers have.”

There over 200,000 chemistry labs around the world, and today less than 1000 have NMR spectrometers in them. The opportunity is vast to bring NMR to the chemistry lab, as well as the millions of field offices, mobile lab trucks, and chemical production facilities.

About Norell Inc.

Norell, Inc., who in 1977 pioneered the first high throughput NMR sample tube, made improvements to high precision NMR tubes by introducing the “Select Series” product line which is manufactured out of ASTM Type 1 Class A glass. Key properties that make this glass type desirable for NMR are its high degree of thermal shock resistance and low expansion coefficient. This allows for a greater margin of safety from breakage when used in variable temperature applications and freeze/thaw cycling, or under any other application where large temperature variations are required in the experiment. Each NMR tube is checked for concentricity and camber specifications utilizing proprietary technology. Norell takes NMR tube manufacturing to a new level of science. Contact Norell via their website www.nmrtubes.com or via email at customerservice@nmrtubes.com or by calling 1-800-519-3688 in North America.

About Nanalysis

Nanalysis’ NMReady spectrometer is the world’s only portable 60 MHz NMR spectrometer. Since the product launch in the fall of 2012, the instrument has been sold in over 10 countries around the world. The NMReady 60 can be carried by one person from lab-to-lab, plugged into standard wall power, and be up and running taking NMR samples in minutes. The instrument requires no liquid cryogens, has no moving parts, and is as safe to use as a laptop computer with no stray fields to affect other instruments, credit cards, or pacemakers. The NMReady’s magnet system, electronics, full networkable touch screen PC and all-in-one sleek enclosure make the NMReady very easy to operate by even the most inexperienced users. Advanced features and standard 5 mm tubes make the instrument also feasible for research as well as industry customers with applications such as reaction monitoring of polymers, antibiotics, and personal products.
Contact Nanalysis via their website www.nanalysis.com or via email at marketing@nanalysis.com or by calling 1-855-NMREADY in North America.

August 12, 2014 - MAINZ, BREMEN, Germany and CALGARY, Alberta, Canada

Fraunhofer ICT-IMM will coordinate a transatlantic research collaboration with Nanalysis Corp and Hansa Fine Chemicals to develop a system for the continuous-flow synthesis of fluorine- and phosphor-containing fine chemicals with an integrated online NMR analysis.

Fluorine- and phosphor-containing fine chemicals are essential building blocks for pharmaceutical and agrochemical compounds. Many of today’s Life Science products contain fluorinated groups that enhance the biological activity of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Many insecticides are based upon organophosphates and the desired toxicity of these agrochemicals justifies a high level on safety for the chemical synthesis and analysis. Chemical production in small reactor volumes in combination with a non-contact analytical method like NMR spectroscopy allows safe handling and reduced exposure of organophosphates to lab workers.

The international project is funded by the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (AIF/ZIM) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in Germany and by the International Technology Partnership program of the Alberta Ministry of Innovation and Advanced Education delivered by the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (GCCIR) in Alberta, Canada. Overall project funding is approx. 430.000 €.

A powerful tool for chemical industry

“This is an exciting project. Working with experienced and knowledgeable partners, will enable us to adapt our NMReady™ technology to the field of continuous flow reactor chemistry and in a larger sense to flow enabled online NMR in many new applications”, said Bruce Lix, Director of Business Development for Nanalysis Corp.

The continuous flow synthesis of fine chemicals in microreactors in combination with NMR-based online analytics creates a powerful tool to the chemical industry producing fluorine- and phosphor-containing compounds.

For Jan Barten, Managing Director at HFC, this means “The development of continuous flow reactors with intelligent analysis by NMR will greatly reduce our production time and enable us to engage in more chemical synthesis research. In the end we see this project as a potential cost savings and business building opportunity that will enable us to expand our reach to new customers”.

Patrick Löb, Head of Department Continuous Chemical Engineering at Fraunhofer ICT-IMM added “This international project allows us to demonstrate the groundbreaking combination of continuous-flow chemical synthesis with online NMR analysis. Nanalysis’ NMReady™ is a highly functional NMR spectrometer on smallest size scale being therefore an excellent complement to our microreactor technology. The chemical reactions selected together with Hansa Fine Chemicals will prove industrial relevance and benefit to fine chemicals industry.”

About the project partners

Nanalysis Corp. (nanalysis.com) is a leading producer of benchtop NMR spectroscopy products. It is a Canadian company designing and building compact NMR spectrometers for research, training and QA/QC applications. The flagship product NMReady™ all-in-one NMR spectrometer will be the analytical platform for this project. Nanalysis will provide the necessary knowledge in NMR technology and adapt their benchtop NMR spectrometer to the conditions of continuous-flow processes.

Fraunhofer ICT-IMM (imm.fraunhofer.de) carries out research and development within the key competences Decentralized and Mobile Energy Technology, Continuous Chemical Process Engineering (Flow Chemistry), Microfluidic Analysis Systems, Medical Sensors and Technical Sensor Systems and Nanoparticle Technologies. ICT-IMM will develop a flow cell which is adapted to and integrated into Nanalysis’ NMR spectrometer. They will use their expertise in chemical engineering to design a continuous-flow bench scale plant applied for the synthesis of fluorine- and phosphor-containing fine chemicals in conjunction with integrated NMR online monitoring.

Hansa Fine Chemicals GmbH (hfc-chemicals.com) is specialized on the synthesis of fluorine- and phosphor- containing fine chemicals. They are a major supplier to the life science and agrochemical manufacturing businesses in Europe and abroad. They will use the continuous-flow lab plant with integrated online NMR analytics for a detailed evaluation of its performance compared to batch synthesis and offline NMR analysis.

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Nanalysis is very excited to announce their newest bench-top NMR spectrometer, the NMReady™ 60 Pro. With its multi-nuclear capability and increased sensitivity, the NMReady 60 Pro raises the bar for NMR performance on the bench-top. The new product boasts support for proton, fluorine, phosphorus, boron, lithium, and carbon nuclei, a sub 1 Hz resolution, hetero-nuclear 2D experiments, and a sensitivity of 100:1 (single scan, 1% EtB).

“The NMReady 60 Pro has been designed for use in industry applications taking into account feature/performance requirements while understanding the ROI thresholds that must be met.” says Sean Krakiwsky, President and CEO of Nanalysis. Customers that have given vital input into the instrument’s design include Penchem Technologies in Malaysia, Graz University of Technology in Austria and Fraunhofer ICT-IMM in Germany (a flow NMR R&D partner).

This addition to the Nanalysis product line is an excellent companion to the company’s lower-priced offering, the NMReady 60 (sold since 2012 and now renamed as the NMReady 60e). The NMReady 60e features support for proton and fluorine nuclei, a 1.2 Hz resolution and a sensitivity of 40:1. “The 60e is selling very well into academic institutions, such as MIT and the Harvard Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, for both teaching and research applications. Recent improvements to its performance have also seen a spike in sales to industry customers, such as Honeywell, for cost-effective quality control and research.” says Jaclyn Metropolit, Manager of North American sales at Nanalysis.

Both instruments have an integrated 10″ touch screen display, utilize standard 5mm NMR tubes and simply plug into a standard wall socket for power. The resulting ease-of-use and compliance to standards reinforces the mandate of the NMReady product line; making NMR more accessible and affordable for existing and new markets.

Nanalysis is currently taking orders for the NMReady 60 Pro and will be shipping the product in Q1 of 2015. The NMReady 60e is currently shipping in
North America and around the world with the Nanalysis distributor network (nanalysis.com/where2buy.html).
Details and a brochure on the NMReady 60 Pro can be found at: nanalysis.com/nmready60pro.html
Details and a brochure on the NMReady 60e can be found at: nanalysis.com/nmready60e.html

To contact Nanalysis about its line of compact NMR spectrometers:
1-855-NMREADY (667-3239) in North America

Great job encouraging the next generation of chemists! More details at explore-it.ca

University of Ottawa NMR Facility Blog: 60 MHz NMR on the bench-top Blog posting

May 25, 2012 Calgary, AB

Nanalysis has added the NMReady 60F, a dedicated fluorine instrument, to its portfolio of benchtop NMR spectrometers. The instrument has the same footprint as the NMReady 60P and, like the 60P, is cryogen-free and uses standard 3 and 5mm NMR tubes. Sample spectra for the 60F has been posted on the Nanalysis website.

May 2, 2012 Calgary, AB & Cambridge, ON

Nanalysis Corporation and Thesis Chemistry are pleased to announce that they have entered into a collaborative research agreement to evaluate the use of bench-top NMR spectroscopy in green chemistry lab environments. Under the terms of the agreement, Thesis Chemistry will integrate the analytical capability of the revolutionary NMReady™ bench-top NMR spectrometer into their program of transforming lignocellulosic biomass into green chemicals. Press Release