3rd Annual PANIC!

PANIC! It’s that time of year again!

Groan, I know, I just couldn’t resist……

Not only does this conference have, what is quite possibly the best acronym in conference history (Practical Application of NMR in Industry Conference = PANIC = genius), but it also has some of the most interesting talks around.

As an organometallic chemist by training I am inclined to think of NMR as a powerful technique for structure elucidation and a tool to extract rate information from a process. This conference is great to get you thinking about all the other possibilities! You know, the things that never really occurred to me. Genotyping blueberries? Yes! Determining adulteration in dietary supplements? Of course! Differentiating juicy vs. not juicy fruit? I mean, sure, why not??!?!

You around and want to talk benchtop NMR applications? Come and see me!