Hands down one of my favourite aspects of my job is that I get to travel to many many multidisciplinary conferences around the world and talk to many different people about very different chemistry!

My trip to Euromar this year was a particularly enjoyable one! In addition to the beautiful environment and the interesting chemistry applications I was exposed to, I was also introduced to possibly one of the coolest (and easiest to use) apps that I’ve seen: jsNMR

You can zoom and pan, phase, peak pick, integrate, and even transform the data into other platforms (e.g., CSV, PDF).

Honestly – you should scope out this awesome program! Process and/or solve a spectrum on your phone while you commute, while you walk back from the NMR lab….no problem!

Written by Thomas Vosegaard from Aarhus University, this lightweight Java-based program allows for users to load spectral files and immediately view and manipulate spectral data via an html file.