2017 Year in Review

With great advances in areas such as metabolomics, quantitative NMR, and online analysis, 2017 was a very exciting year for NMR in general, but specifically so for Benchtop NMR! Benchtop NMR has continued to make NMR, one of the strongest characterization techniques, become a mainstream staple in teaching and research laboratories. As users realize how easy it is to incorporate the NMReady-60 spectrometers into their laboratories, they have continued to breakthrough into new and exciting applications.

This year we saw our list of industry customers and partners grow. Whether it be in new applications (e.g., lithium mining, battery research, materials chemistry, etc.) or in the usual suspects (Pharma research, small molecule organics, etc.); we have been able to provide our customer with novel solutions to their analytical needs. You can learn more about a few of those in some of our earlier blog entries.

We have also continued to develop our strong academic presence and have generated new laboratory experiences for teachers to try with their students, as well as provide innovative ideas on our blog:

We hope 2018 will be no different, and that the adoption of Benchtop NMR by more, and diverse industries will continue to grow as novel applications are explored and we continue to perfect our instruments. We hope you stay tuned for all the exciting news and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

We wish you and all your loved ones a Happy Holiday Season and New Year!