What Types Of NMR Experiments Are Best To Use In The Classroom?

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NMR spectroscopy is a technique that's used in a variety of chemistry applications. It's for this reason that a benchtop or portable NMR spectrometer can be just what your chemistry classroom needs to give your undergraduates some serious hands-on chemistry experience.

But what are some of the best types of experiments to give your students to help them learn how to use an NMR spectrometer in the classroom?

What kind of NMR experiments are good for the classroom?

Portable and benchtop NMR spectrometers allow you to incorporate a variety of hands-on NMR spectrometer applications directly into your undergraduate classroom. Ultimately, any experiments you conduct will give your students the hands-on learning they need to become better and more experienced chemists.

Still, there are some experiments that can help your students gain hands-on NMR spectroscopy experience in different areas of chemistry. For instance, in organic chemistry your students might use the lab's NMR spectrometer for the following experiments:

  • Aldol consensation

  • Synthesis of Aspirin

  • Synthesis of Ethyl Cinnamate using Wittig reaction and assessment of selectivity by NMR

  • Reaction monitoring the synthesis of biodiesel

  • Unknown identification with 60 MHz

You can also use your benchtop of portable NMR spectrometers to set up a variety of other experiments for your students in the areas of inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemistry instrumentation, physical chemistry, and biochemistry.

Why are NMR spectroscopy experiments so important in the classroom?

Undergraduate classrooms have begun to shift toward hands-on, guided-inquiry approaches to learning. This helps chemistry students absorb information better, understand why they're doing what they're doing, and how to physically use the equipment they'll be using later in the chemistry field.

NMR spectroscopy is a common technique and not many undergraduate laboratories have them available for undergraduates to use. This can negatively impact a student's chemistry career. Portable and benchtop NMR spectrometers are small enough to be incorporated into the classroom environment and can be easily used for different experiments.

Need a benchtop NMR spectrometer for your NMR spectrometer applications?

Chemists play an integral role in drug discovery, a multi-billion dollar industry involved in finding new medications. NMR spectrometers work wonders for professional chemists and students alike because they're able to study nuclei without damaging the sample.

Whether you need low field NMR spectrometers, portable NMR spectrometers, or a benchtop NMR spectrometer, Nanalysis has what you need for your NMR spectrometer applications. For more information on our tabletop NMR spectrometers and NMR interpretation software, contact Nanalysis today.