4 Industries That Utilize Process NMR Applications

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Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is one of the top analytical methods, and is one of the most useful methods within the modern chemistry industry.

NMR is a physical phenomenon in which nuclei in a strong and static magnetic field are perturbed by a weak oscillating magnetic field and respond by producing an electromagnetic signal with a frequency of the magnetic field at the nucleus.

NMR spectrometers can be used in various sectors that have previously been overlooked. Since these devices can fit in virtually any location and provide point of access to NMR, professional NMR spectrometers are great for all kinds of reasons.

Here are some industries that rely on process NMR applications:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry -- There are plenty of useful NMR applications within the pharma and biotech market. Primarily, NMR is used for drug discovery, structural confirmation, and identifying various pharmaceutical effects within natural products.

  • Biodiesel Research Industry -- Thanks to process NMR Spectroscopy, biodiesel that is formed through simple transesterification can be easily characterized and monitored for analytical and research purposes. This technique allows for easy, nondestructive evaluation of all kinds of components that are regulated in biodiesel standardization (water, alcohol, glycerol content, and phosphorous). Additionally, NMRs can be incorporated quite seamlessly to improve workflow and quantify the percentage of biodiesel in composite fuel mixture.

  • Polymer Research Industry -- In order to ensure the consistency and quality of a polymeric product, routine and regular polymer characterization is necessary. Polymer analysis by NMR Spectroscopy can be used to observe reaction completeness and uniformity, qualify the relative composition of structural components, observe the presence of stereoisomers and determine polymeric tactility, and determine modular number (Mn), molecular weight (MW), and polydispersity index (PDI).

  • Process Analytical Technology Industry -- NMRs can be converted into digital detectors for in-lab work or process line reaction monitoring. The compact nature of NMR magnets enables researchers to incorporate a few systems on a bench, fume hood, manufacturing line, or process line.

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