3 Ways Your Pharmacy School Can Benefit From Using NMR

benchtop spectrometers

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is one of the most useful analytical methods in modern chemistry. In fact, NMR spectrometers are commonly used in drug discovery, which is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Unfortunately, NMR spectrometers are often enormous. The good news is that there are benchtop NMR spectrometers so pharmacy school students can use and learn NMR in the lab.

Consider the following ways your own pharmacy school can benefit from using NMR spectrometers in your school lab.

  1. Students learn essential tools in drug discovery. Chemists play an integral role in many points along the drug discovery roadmap, which is why it's important for your students to learn essential tools in the industry. Multinuclear NMR spectroscopy and 1H are essential tools for drug discovery and structural elucidation. By having a benchtop NMR spectrometer in the lab, your students can learn these tools.

  2. Students learn how to structurally confirm samples. There are many useful NMR applications in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. One application is the structural confirmation of natural products with pharmaceutical effects and known synthetic drugs. With a benchtop NMR spectrometer in the classroom, your students can learn how to structurally confirm these different samples.

  3. Students learn how to perform a quantitative analysis. Qualitative analyses are important to your students' understanding of given samples, but NMR can also address inquiries of a quantitative nature. For instance, your students can use NMR to perform impurity profiles, identify the composition of the sample, determine metabolic products in bodily fluids, perform reaction monitoring and kinetic profiling, and more. Your students can perform these analyses on dynamic samples now that a growing number of flow applications have been developed for benchtop NMR spectrometers.

Looking for benchtop spectrometers for your pharmacy classroom?

It's no secret that undergraduate and graduate students alike can benefit from learning how NMR works. In fact, during the 1950s, the first commercial spectrometers were created and quickly became a vital tool for research chemists.

Whether you're looking for benchtop spectrometers for your pharmacy classroom or tabletop NMR spectrometers for your chemistry lab, Nanalysis has what you need. For more information about our NMR spectrometers or to learn about our NMR interpretation software, contact Nanalysis today.