Juan Araneda

Dr. Juan Araneda, Nanalysis' resident citizen of the world, was born in Venezuela and raised in Chile. He moved to Calgary in the mid-2000s to purse Chemistry at the UofC under the supervision of Warren Piers. Unable to contain his enthusiasm for the Calgary winter, he opted to remain in the Great White North, bringing his expertise to our Application Chemistry team.  Since then he's been acquiring multi-nuclear spectra and naming compounds on the coolest benchtop NMR's around!


Alex Maier

Dr. Alexander Maier - our man in Karlsruhe (Germany) - studied chemistry at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. The majority of his PhD lab work was performed at the University of Paderborn, in the workgroup of Prof. Dr. Jan Paradies when he relocated there from KIT. Alex is an organic chemist with his research focused primarily on the development of novel homogeneous catalyzed reactions, such as hydroaminations, dehydrations and cycloisomerizations. We’re excited to have him move back to his hometown and join the team from our German office!



Terry Chu

Dr. Terry Chu completed his Honours BSc in Chemistry from McMaster University before moving out west to obtain an MSc in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Calgary. He then moved back to Ontario to pursue his PhD at Brock University to study synthesis and reactivity of main-group element complexes with - you guessed it - by NMR spectroscopy! He didn’t get enough of Calgary the last time so he’s back with a vengeance to join the Application Chemistry team at Nanalysis! 

JG Headshot.jpg

James Grebrinski

James began his career with a BSc in Chemistry at the University of Calgary before heading to John Hopkins University in 2005. After completing his MSc in Organic Chem, he spent 5 years at Bristol-Myers Squibb's Discovery Chem Division in Princeton, NJ, 3 years with Xenex Disinfection Services before joining Nanalysis in early 2016.  Located in Jersey City, James' not only has a passion for organic chem, but he is also an avid sports fan and fantasy fottball extraordinaire with a passion for travel, food, craft beer and wine.

Javier Borau-Garcia

Javier obtained an Honours BSc in Chemistry from UNAM. After an exchange to UofC, he decided to prolong his stay in the Great White North, completing a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry. His research involved the design, synthesis and analysis of the catalytic properties of pincer complexes, based extensively on NMR Spectroscopy. Chemist by day, chef by night, Javier decided to complete his North American tour and relocate to San Diego. In his free time you can find him biking or testing a new recipe.


Matt Zamora

Dr. Matt Zamora comes from a synthetic organometallic background, which has taken him from Canada's East to West, and all the way to Tokyo. Matt has used NMR throughout his entire career and now serves as a Technical Sales Rep Nanalysis, helping universities throughout Canada and the USA embrace benchtop technology. He is an avid skier, a lover of 80's hair bands, and never misses a game of Calgary Flames!