There are four steps involved in installing this software.

Step 1: Download the following two files (Matlab patch shared via Google Drive... around 900MB) (NMReady software)

Step 2: Copy the files onto the spectrometer
First copy the files onto a USB memory stick.
With a keyboard connected to the spectrometer, press ctrl-alt-d to escape to the desktop.
Unplug the keyboard and insert a mouse.
Next, insert the USB memory stick into the spectrometer.
Open the file manager (from the top horizontal menu choose Places > Desktop).
Copy both files from the memory stick into the Desktop/NMRGui/updates folder (drag and drop files with the file manager).

Step 3: Install the software
Next, unplug the mouse and connect a keyboard again and press ctrl-alt-t to bring up a terminal window.
Run the following three commands (in bold) from the Desktop/NMRGui/updates folder.
sudo apt install cups python3-smbc python-smbc python-cups
(enter the password, sent to you via email, when prompted)
(you will be prompted for password again)

Step 4: Restart the spectrometer
Press the power button and restart the spectrometer.