Introducing......the newest addition to our family!

We are pleased to introduce the most powerful benchtop NMR……the one and only Nanalysis 2.35 T (or 100 MHz in proton channel) benchtop NMR!!

Using our core technology in designing compact, highly-homogenous permanent magnets, we are pleased to announce that in addition to our original 60 MHz platform, we have now engineered a 100 MHz platform~ These instruments (100e and 100PRO ) are limited availability for now, with planned production units shipping 2020.

Read more about it in this press release!

Why 100 MHz?

We know that some customers require the higher performance that comes naturally with higher field.

  • Unparalleled chemical shift distribution - 25% higher than any available benchtop NMR product, means more accurate integrals and more structural information

  • Superior sensitivity - run experiments at sub milli-molar concentrations

  • Unmatched stability - e.g., vibrational feet, extra thermal regulation

  • Ergonomic display - large, maneuverable, user-friendly external touchscreen computer

100 MHz offers the performance enhancement - i.e., more chemical information with the same user-friendly and customizable software interface that we are known for.

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