The NMReady™ line of 60 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometers are a truly innovative platform.
Designed with usability in mind, the instruments were engineered in an unparalleled compact package with minimal maintenance and unequaled connectivity.  

As the smallest magnet in its class, an NMReady can be used in your laboratory wherever you desire – whether on a benchtop, fume hood, OR in a glovebox.  The magnet, electronics, and computer are all housed in the all-in-one compact footprint weighing in at only 55 lbs (25kg) leaving it easy to site and easy to move.  The spectrometers can be controlled using easy on-board software, advanced experimental designer packages or through from an external computer via our Application Programmatic Interface. Request a quote to find out the benchtop NMR cost.


A cost effective single-channel NMR spectrometer for academic, research or QA/QC inquiries.

The NMReady-60e engages students and enhances learning with hands-on access to an NMR spectrometer. The instrument allows students to acquire NMR data on their own samples and process these results during the lab - not the next day. This tabletop NMR features a touchscreen interface that is highly approachable and easy to use.

Take a look at our sample undergraduate experiments available online.


A high performance dual-channel NMR spectrometer for multinuclear academic, research and QA/QC inquires.

By providing spectroscopic performance at the bench, the NMReady-60PRO improves workflow, reduces outsourcing costs, and allows organizations to optimize their spectroscopic resources. The multinuclear capabilities of this tabletop NMR increase the number of questions that can be answered, increasing the scope of applications.

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The NMReady-flow kit allows easy inter-conversion of any NMReady-60e or 60PRO benchtop spectrometer into an online NMR detector.  This product package was designed to help users:

  • understand and optimize chemical reactions in real time

  • improve reaction safety and yield

  • facilitate automation of repeated syntheses

  • integrate the NMReady into a centralized platform

See more details: NMReady-flow