Dr. Robert Todd
Chief Operating Officer
Trans World Chemical Inc.

“We are pleased that we are able to use the Nanalysis benchtop NMR spectrometer in our commercial laboratory to support both operations and R&D. This instrument eliminates the need to outsource samples to expensive analytical labs by allowing our chemists to analyze samples in near real-time; resulting in improved reaction yields and improved product development cycle-times. As a result, we are able to offer both new and existing products to customers at a lower rates and lead-times.”

Dr. Michael Katz
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Memorial University

“For children, the microscope is one of the first opportunities by which students can more closely examine the world around them. NMR is the microscope for the synthetic chemist; the benchtop NMR is the microscope of our chemistry undergraduate curriculum.”


Dr. Carlos Velázquez-Martínez
Associate Professor, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Alberta

“… having the instrument in our lab has greatly increased the rate at which we generate research results”


Dr. Michael Mosher
Professor & Chair of
Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Northern Colorado

“… this is the way to go for organic chemistry teaching labs. The NMReady works like a charm!!! We love it.”


Dr. Kenneth Metz
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry Director of Advanced Chemistry Laboratories
Boston College Chemistry

“Hands-on NMR is a big step forward for our undergraduate labs”

Dr. Ng Chee Mang
Managing Director
Penchem Technologies Sdn Bhd

“It is great to add benchtop NMR to our characterization toolbox. The instrument has saved us time and money, and has allowed us to view structural information more quickly.”

Dr. Sumod A. Pullarkat
Senior Lecturer, Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
Nanyang Technological University

“It is great that we have been able to make a real NMR spectrometer available to each first year undergraduate student, in the same way as we do for FT-IR and other spectrometers. The unique ability of the benchtop system to plug the gap between theory and actual hands-on experience has been greatly appreciated by our students.”