How Can I Keep My Small Lab Organized And Efficient?


You're capable of great things when you're working with your team in your chemistry lab. But it can be difficult to stay organized and efficient when your lab is on the smaller side.

Fortunately, technology trends in recent years have greatly increased the capabilities of the compact-sized laboratory. We've compiled some of the best ways you can optimize the space in your lab so you can stay organized.

Use smaller lab equipment

With advancing technology, lab equipment is getting smaller and smaller. This helps when it comes to saving on shelf space. For instance, instead of using a benchtop NMR spectrometer, you can invest in a portable NMR spectrometer instead.

New technology also lets you store smaller amounts of required samples. Instead of storing test-tube samples, you can store multiple small wells in microtiter trays.

Use cloud technology when you can

It's all too easy to let your lab get cluttered when you rely on paper. Paper waste collects and creates disorganized messes on desktops and tables.

New lab equipment is capable of recording data and submitting it to the Cloud so you don't have to worry as much about keeping every piece of paper in your possession. Electronic document management services also enable you to store your important documents online so you can keep the originals stored away instead of across your desk.

Cloud technology saves space in your lab while also improving communication. Scientists can share their findings sooner than ever before. And data can be uploaded and accessed by multiple contributors easily.

Increase your sustainability options

Smaller labs may not use as much energy as larger labs, but they can still use eco-friendly options to improve their sustainability. What's more, many eco-friendly ideas in the lab can actually benefit you and your team.

For instance, many labs are using 'open labs,' which means researchers share equipment and resources in the laboratory. This cuts back the spending on expensive equipment and gives you more access.

It also means you don't have to worry as much about where to store the equipment in your lab. Shared equipment means there's less equipment to cause a disorganized mess.

Where can I find portable NMR spectrometers?

The employment of medical laboratory technologists and technicians is expected to increase by 13% by 2026. The more people working in a lab, the less space you have. This can make it difficult to have a benchtop NMR spectrometer in your lab.

The good news is Nanalysis offers portable NMR spectrometers so you can still use the NMR applications you need in a smaller space. To learn more about our portable or benchtop spectrometers, contact Nanalysis today.