NMReady Compact Bench-top NMR Spectrometers

The NMReady™ line of 60 MHz compact NMR spectrometers are truly revolutionary. Weighing in at just over 50 lbs, the NMReady 60 Pro and NMReady 60e both offer spectroscopic resolution at a fraction of the cost of current NMR instruments. Their innovative design brings analytical performance to the bench-top, fume hood or glovebox.

NMReady 60e

Cost-effective NMR for teaching and research

NMReady 60 Pro

High performance multinuclear compact NMR
The NMReady 60e engages students and enhances learning with hands-on NMR. The instrument allows students to view results during the lab, not the next day. Its touchscreen interface is highly approachable and easy to use. Take a look at our sample experiments available online. Read more about NMR teaching          By providing spectroscopic performance at the bench, the NMReady 60 Pro improves workflow, reduce costs of outsourcing and allows organizations to optimize their spectroscopic resources. Read more about industry applications